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According to a study that has been conducted, lunch should provide you with a third of your daily nutritional requirements. Despite this, many people routinely skip this meal instead of seeking out lunch box ideas that will provide the nutrition they need.

In addition, many people opt for unhealthy foods to eat during lunch such as fast foods. These fast foods, or junk foods as they are commonly known, typically contain lots of fats and sugars, contributing to obesity in adults and children.

For proper nutrition and weight control, it is important to think of how you can provide yourself and your family with healthier alternatives. From the container you use to pack your lunch meal to the food that you place in that container, it is now the time to look forward to lunchtime once more and feel good about it.

One of the best foods that you can think about and a staple for many at lunchtime is the sandwich. They are easy to prepare.  You can let your imagination run wild and come up with a great sandwich that is not only filling, but delicious as well. Sandwiches do not have to be boring, and you can choose your favorite foods to make them.

One great sandwich idea it to use boiled meat that has been thinly sliced, add a few slices of tomatoes, some rings of onion and you have yourself a healthy meal to eat at lunchtime. One great thing about a sandwich is that you can even eat them at your desk and it is not likely to make a mess.

Another sandwich that you can make is using tomatoes, an avocado, some onion rings and some salt and pepper. To prepare this sandwich you will first pound the avocado into a pulp (think guacamole), and then proceed to slice the tomato and the onion into rings. Mix all of these ingredients together, add a dash of salt and pepper and you have yourself a delicious meal that you will look forward to having at lunchtime.

One great way to make your sandwiches visually appealing is to use contrasting colors of meats. You can do this by using red meat, some chicken and also some bacon or ham. To avoid your sandwich becoming soggy you will need to carry the fillings in a different container and then assemble the sandwich just before you eat it. But if you prefer a somewhat soggy sandwich, put it all together ahead of time. That is alright. Consider using different types of bread and cutting the sandwich in different ways to also increase interest and variety.

A lunch box pool is a great idea for working adults. To do one person in the pool brings enough sandwiches or other type of lunch meal to feed the entire pool. The responsibility of bringing food for lunch is rotated so the duty is equally shared. Some suggestions for providing meals for the lunch pool include casseroles, a fondue pot or even finger foods. Another idea is to have everyone in the pool bring a different type of food that is enough to feed everyone in the pool. For example one person may bring a box full of cold meats, another one brings a box filled with cheeses while another person brings enough bread and all these are healthy lunch box ideas for work.

Eating from a lunch box can be healthy and enjoyable. Don’t discount sandwiches as a part of these lunches. Be creative and have fun in creating lunch box ideas for kids and adults.

What creative lunch ideas have you tried that are healthy and fun? Leave a comment with your ideas and how they worked out for you.

Photo credit: Rob Owen-Wahl

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